What is the fumigation process?


The fumigation process usually takes a portion of three days and two nights. Your professional fumigator seals your home with tarps or other methods and releases a warning agent into the home. Your professional fumigator will carefully calculate the amount needed, based on a variety of factors including the target pest, temperature, and size of the home.


The typical house fumigation involves approximately 18-24 hours of exposure. After the fumigation is complete, your fumigator aerates the fumigant from the structure following label instructions, and tests the air with sensitive gas monitoring equipment to confirm that it is safe to re-enter the building.


What is fumigation?


Fumigation is a procedure using canvas tarps to cover and seal a structure allowing a fumigant to penetrate the wood timbers eliminating termites.



Interior Preparations


  • Remove ALL items for human consumption INCLUDING food in refrigerators and freezers PRIOR to the fumigation. (Food items in cans, glass jars and plastic bottles with the ORIGINAL FACTORY SEAL do not have to be removed. Any other food and/or medicines MUST be removed even with the factory seal intact. Do not leave food products in the structure even if you plan on disposing of the items when you return. Food cannot remain in the structure during the fumigation process. Examples: Cereals, bread, tea, sugar, noodles, spices, tobaccos and medications.)
  • Remove ALL waterproof children’s mattresses and any waterproof mattress or pillow covers.
  • Remove ALL living things from the structure such as pets (including fish) and plants. Warn neighbors that own cats of the fumigation plans and recommend securing their cat during the procedure.
  • Open ALL cabinets, closets, drawers and attic hatches. Raise blinds and open drapes to allow access to the windows.
  • Unlock ALL rooms, cabinets, safes, etc.



Exterior Preparations:


  • Remove ALL antennae or satellite dishes.
  • Detach ALL fences that abut the structure. Fences with gates do not have to be detached.
  • Trim back ALL trees, plants, shrubs and any ground covering foliage to at least 12 inches from the side of the structure.
  • Rake back ALL decorative rock and decorative bark (wood chips) from the side of the structure at least 12 inches.
  • Thoroughly water ALL the soil around the perimeter of the foundation and around any plants adjacent to the structure.



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Cell:949-500-3840 Office: 714-998-8635 Lic. #OPR12611 Reviews Contact Home
Cell:949-500-3840 Office: 714-998-8635 Lic. #OPR12611 Reviews Contact Home
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Cell:949-500-3840 Office: 714-998-8635 Lic. #OPR12611 Reviews
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Cell:949-500-3840 Office: 714-998-8635 Lic. #OPR12611 Reviews