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Subterranean Termites require moist environments. To satisfy this need, they usually nest in or near the soil and maintain some connection with the soil through tunnels in wood or through shelter tubes they construct. These shelter tubes are made of soil with bits of wood or even plasterboard (drywall). Much of the damage they cause occurs in foundation and structural support wood. Because of the moisture requirements of subterranean termites, they are often found in wood that has wood rot.


Complete Post Construction Treatment


The most cost effective and long term treatment for existing infestations of subterranean termites is to create a complete barrier for a structure. This requires application directly to the soil in, under and around the structure. This treatment sets up a continuous barrier preventing subterranean termite’s access to the structure.




Local Post Construction Treatment


This method, as above, is applied directly to the soil. However, the immediate area and a few feet on either side of the infestation are the only areas treated. This treatment can be effective on existing live infestations. This method does not provide long term or “whole structure” protection from subterranean termites.


Pre-Construction Treatment


This treatment is designed for preventative measures during the construction process. Termiticide is applied directly to the soil prior to pouring any foundations or slabs. Pre-Construction Treatment has substantial long term benefits and is the most cost efficient solution to termite control.


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 Office: 714-998-8635 Lic. #OPR12611 Reviews Contact Home
 Office: 714-998-8635 Lic. #OPR12611 Reviews Contact Home
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 Office: 714-998-8635 Lic. #OPR12611 Reviews
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 Office: 714-998-8635 Lic. #OPR12611 Reviews