There are generally two treatment options for homes infested with drywood termites: a local treatment (also called a spot treatment, which involves treating only the accessible wood) or a whole-structure treatment (treating the entire building or edifice). Whole-structure fumigation with a gas fumigant is the only proven solution for 100-percent control of drywood termite infestations throughout an entire structure, including infestations hidden in inaccessible areas.


Methods that treat only the accessible wood, otherwise known as spot or local treatments, are limited to treating known termite infestations and, by doing so, hidden termite infestations in other areas of a home may be overlooked and continue to damage the structure. Local termite treatments often involve drilling into walls and wood in attempt to reach a drywood termite infestation with chemicals.



This method involves drilling pin holes into Drywood Termite galleries and injecting termiticides into these galleries. Wood injection or “drill-and-treat” applications have been used since the 1920s to treat drywood termite infestations, which are accessible and detectable. An insecticide is injected into small holes drilled through any wood surface into termite galleries delivering the treatment directly to the pest population. Diversified Termite offers this treatment for Drywood Termites in limited cases.

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Office: 714-998-8635 Lic. #OPR12611 Reviews Contact Home
Office: 714-998-8635 Lic. #OPR12611 Reviews Contact Home
Office: 714-998-8635 Lic. #OPR12611 Reviews Contact Home
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Office: 714-998-8635 Lic. #OPR12611 Reviews
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Office: 714-998-8635 Lic. #OPR12611 Reviews